The Heat Herald

This is still Wade’s House!

Oh, yes it is.

Dwyane Wade displayed who the Triple A and the city of Miami really belongs to. D.Wade’s performance was not by any means his best game of the season, much less best of his career, but it was the type of performance that this team needed tonight. It was a gritty and strong willed type of game for Wade who only shot 9-23 from the field, but Wade’s real contribution came from his ability to make Kobe work both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Offensively: Dwyane was persistent in driving the ball to the basket by blowing by Kobe at the top of the circle and get by Pau in the paint.

Defensively: Wade’s ability to make Kobe work so much on defense was evident on the offensive end for Kobe who instead of trying to penetrate would just settle for long jumpers.Not to not give D.Wade credit at the defensive end who was a pest and covered Kobe as well as anyone can possibly guard him. There were 2 particular defensive plays for Wade on Kobe that really sealed the deal for the Heat win. First defensive play would be where he was able to poke the ball out of Kobe’s hand and the second was when he as able to block a Kobe 3 pt. shot. Both coming towards the end of the 4th Quarter. These plays easily displayed why Wade is truly the most important player for the Miami Heat.

I’ve been watching Dwyane Wade since I was in 10th grade. So for 7 seasons I’ve seen how his will to win can guide the Heat to victories. Apart from that the kid is straight up clutch. The game against the Lakers allowed national media to see again why LeBron came to the Heat and why it wasn’t the other way around. This is Dwyane Wade’s house! He shouldn’t have the ball sometimes at the end of games, or only if he has a hot hand. DWYANE WADE SHOULD HAVE THE BALL AT THE END OF EVERY CLOSE GAME. Not Lebron, not Chris Bosh, not Mike Miller or Bibby, House, or anyone not name Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade should have the ball in his hands not because he’s the best shooter or penetrator, but he is the best creator at the end of games for the Miami Heat. I’ve found it ridiculous that it took Coach Spo March 10th to finally allow D.Wade to have the ball at the end of the game. Someone should let Spo know the reason he has that heading coaching position is because of Dwyane Wade. Hopefully, D.Wade’s close out performance against the Lakers reminded Spo and everyone else (including the bandwagon Heat fans) who’s house this really is.

Let’s Go Heat!


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