The Heat Herald

Less LeBron means more W’s for Heat

I know if you were to ask the heads of ESPN when they decided to air Lebron’s “The Decision” they weren’t thinking that they were airing the Miami Heat’s second best player.

But when they did air it that is exactly what they did. Conventional wisdom would say more of Lebron would translate into more wins, but the Heat are not a conventional team and Miami is not a conventional city. So lets throw conventional wisdom out the window because it has been hurting the Miami Heat as opposed to helping them. Statistically, when Lebron scores less the Heat have won more. In the 10 games where James has scored 19 points or less the Heat have gone 9-1. Now, granted it is not that many games, but still I think it’s quite a telling statistic, especially when you compare the Heat’s record when Dwyane Wade scores 19 points or less. The Heat have gone 8-9 when Dwyane Wade scores 19 or less. I know stunning. This stat is one that not many, if any, basketball experts know, much less would repeat on national TV, but the truth is when Lebron scores less the Heat have a greater chance to win. Bottom line if the Heat want to win on a more consistent bases against above .500 teams D.Wade has to be the primary scorer for this team. The fact that Lebron will always have the potential to score will always be an asset for the Heat, but just because he can score doesn’t mean he should. Once Dwyane becomes the Heat top scorer on a game to game bases for this team than the Heat will start showing better results. Until then the Heat will continue to struggle until they figure this out for themselves.

Go Heat!


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