The Heat Herald

There’s only one closer in  and his name is not

Leo Nunez.

So who is this man?

-Is he powerful and stout?

-Yeah I would say so.

-Is it LeBron “King” James.


-Well, is he graceful and quick then?

-Kind of.

-It has to be Chris “Play Big” Bosh then right!?

-Nope. Tampoco.

-So who is he this closer man that the Heat should go to in these close win or lose situations?

-He is no other than some scruffy ass dude and who likes to do a little cabbage patch dance after a dunk every once in a while.


Look reality is this yesterday proved again that in close games this team can only depend on 1 guy when games are close. Apart from the obvious fact that the Heat let an easy win slip away when you consider the Bucks were playing a back to back. Yesterday’s game proved that Dwyane Wade is the Heat’s only go to dude. In the last 6 minutes of the game the boys in white, red, and yellow uniforms only hit a Butler-like 2 field goals. Dos. Deux. Come on man against the irrelevant Milwaukee Bucks. How is that even possible when you have LeBron James on your team to hit just 2 shots in that span? Even, without Dwyane Wade is that really the best the Heat can do on our home court at that? Truth is I wouldn’t had mind that loss so much if they could’ve at least rested Chris and LeBron too for the game, who have been truly worn out this regular season, also. The Heat obviously have real issues in tight games. At this point of the season I have to admit I’m pretty weary about anyone else, including LeBron and Bosh having the ball their hands at the end of any nail bitter coming playoff time, but then again I hope I’m wrong on that assessment.

Nonetheless, yesterday proved once again that the only guy to trust in a Miami Heat uniform at end of close game is the guy who evidently can talk to own his hand. And that’s not to bad, especially when that hand has a giant diamond championship ring to its name.


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