Heat Hater Hall of Fame

Heat Hater Hall of Fame

Godfather Hubie Brown

Inducted 2006

Hater Hall of Fame Credentials:

Some people might ask what makes Mr. Brown the Godfather of all Heat Haters. I say go back and watch the 2006 NBA Finals. Coach Brown’s was dishing out disses towards the Heat 4 years before it was fashionable. For this simple reason to him we name Godfather of the Heat Haters Hubie Brown.


Michael Wilbon of PTI

Heat Hater Class of 2010-11                                                                                                         

Hater Hall of Fame Credentials: 

• Mr. Wilbon your homer mentality (meaning your love for the Chicago Bulls and all Chicago teams) has lead you to say Heat Hater Hall of fame worthy statements.

• Including, going so far as to say there is “No Way” the Miami Heat will beat your Bulls or Boston Celtics. For this my pervy friend you are well deserved Heat Hater Hall of Famer.


Jon Barry of ESPN

Heat Hater Class of  2010-11

Hater Hall of Fame Credentials:

• If you are a Miami Heat fan there is no need to explain why this man is in here.

• His constant disses, harsh criticisms, & unnecessary insults to all Heat players have landed him here. If you just watch one NBA Shootaround broadcast during a Heat game you will quickly see why Jon and his giant forehead are of Hater Hall of Fame caliber.


More to inductees to come including:

If you have any suggestion for inductees to the Heat Hater Hall of Fame, please contact us.


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